Just Slap Two Scenes Together

This assignment, that I found here, was to choose a movie scene and then sneakily edit in another scene, prop, or person. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

I chose a scene here, from the movie Patriot Games, based on the the book written by Tom Clancy. This scene is where Jack Ryan begins to be tailed the man shown, as he nonchalantly looks at the newspaper. I decided that I would edit in a face of another famous spy, Austin Powers. I imagine that the reason he is staring at the newspaper so intently is because one the most notorious superspies is featured on the front page of the paper.

I chose this scene because it’s actually pretty hard to find a natural place to put a random face. Sure you could just stick anywhere in the background, but that simply isn’t natural and doesn’t carry a sense of belonging. Here, we have a perfect candidate, a newspaper headline.  I used GIMP to do the image manipulation. I first downloaded a png image of Austin Powers, copied it into the scene, and scaled it to size and then finally placing it into its final resting place.

A New Mission

I’m not sure where to go with this one. A new mission? I don’t want to sound rude but I’m not sure what the previous mission was.  One idea I have is based on the fact that spies are constantly trying to one up the other one, and beat others to the truth first. What if there was some kind of web hunt? A web hunt to find the truth in something. The competing spies could also intentionally put out misinformation to mislead others and try to beat them to the answer first.  Something like that would be fun as it’s competitive and requires you to be constantly on the lookout, but I’m not sure how it could actually by implemented.

Week Big One One

Week eleven is done and over quicker than I realized. Nearing the end of the semester and I can almost taste it.

Here are my Daily Creates.

Posted Here are the 12 Stars of Assignments

And A New Mission

This week didn’t offer much of a challenge by adding anything new. What it did add however was a challenge of trying to focus more on a  target theme and story. Trying to give the audience a focal point on which to fixate themselves and to use the story telling through my voice, and through camera work. For these assignments I did my own version of content creators that I watch all the time. I always wondered, how hard could it be? Well, turns out it takes a lot of time to get it just right.


A Spy’s Favorite Meal

This assignment can be found here and it was to create a “How To” video. This video describes how to make an ever so famous grilled cheese sandwich.

I modeled my video style after one of my favorite food channels on YouTube, Binging with Babish. I don’t really have the same soothing deep voice he has or a cool apron but I do know how to make a grilled cheese. If you haven’t seen one of his videos, my favorite one where he makes food from the show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is posted below.

This video was a win win for me. I got an assignment out of the way, and at the same time got to eat it because I was pretty hungry. These sandwiches also paired nicely with a bowl of tomato soup.  This is one of Agent Robert’s favorite foods and most spies don’t give out personal details like this very often, so it’s a rare treat to see the inside of his life like this.

This movie was made with iMovie and audio was edited with Audacity, similarly to all the other videos I have made before this one.

Spy Doggs

This is a post for this assignment here. This assignment ironically was like herding cats, but instead with dogs. My dogs listen pretty well, but are so hard to sit still together. Anyways, here’s the ad.

This was the best of a couple takes and the most they were able to sit still. The video is only supposed to be 45 seconds to a minute long, but for them, it’s an eternity. My main influence for this idea was knowing that animals have been used in the military and police forces for hundreds of years. All the way from Hannibal bringing elephants over the alps, Rin Tin Tin in WWI, and current day bomb and drug sniffing dogs animals are constantly being used in today’s militaries and police forces. And who’s to say some spy agency hasn’t used a dog before?  It’s not like they could tell you anyways.

Just like all my other videos I used iMovie to put this together. I didn’t voice over like the others because the directions stated it had to be live which made it harder to stifle the giggles after Klaus gets up and tries to walk away.

1988 Nissan Pathfinder Review

This is a review of my 1988 Nissan Pathfinder for this assignment. I really had to try and give a condensed version of this car’s story because I could probably ramble on for over 20 minutes.

One of my favorite YouTube channels to watch is Regular Car Reviews. I tried to replicate that style with slightly less humor and cultural history, and instead a little more about the car. If you’ve never seen any videos of that channel, here is one of a D21 hardbody, the truck that this Pathfinder is based off of.

If you notice, the pathfinder is practically the same, only with a permanent caba attached to it. And RCR is right, this truck is dependable. Since owning it and rescuing it from a wrecker I’ve put on almost 5000 miles, all of them dependable.  With only 165,000 miles on my pathfinder, I’m looking forward to many more.

I shot this video with my brother, as it was easier to bounce off ideas of what to film, how to set up the shot, and what angles would work best. I wanted to do a driving test along with the other parts of the video but decided it would be too long.  For this I used iMovie to stitch together the movie, and Audacity to record and edit my voice. I first strung out the video clips together in a general order in which I would talk about. I then watched the preview in iMovie while recording in Audacity, then trimming down and editing the video clips to match the appropriate scenes with the dialogue.


End of Week 10

This concludes week 10, full of videos and video editing.

My two Daily creates are right here below.


This week I chose to do 10 Stars worth of video assignments.

The Other Assignments

This week showed that there was something worse than audio editing, and it’s called video editing. There’s twice as much work which makes it twice as time consuming. Even capturing the perfect moment is difficult. It definitely gives makes me better respect directors that create quality videos and movies.

Scene Review

Here is the scene review form Bourne Ultimatum.

Most of my thoughts are actually in the video, so I will just outline the process here. I downloaded the clip from youtube and used iMovie to actually edit the video. For the Voice over I found it easier to watch the video separately with headphones on, and record it in audacity where I could then edit my voice and remove unnatural pauses. This made it easier as I could just say things as they came to me, even if the scene has passed because I could edit it. I then imported that audio file into iMovie and split it to help line up the voice over to the actual scene parts. Overall it wasn’t too hard, just time consuming.

Interview an Agent

Ever wanted to know what Agent Roberts was up to? Now is your chance.

The questions answered are (in order)

  • When someone yawns do you also yawn?
  • What do you think of garden gnomes?
  • If you were being chased by a gorilla and had to choose going down a manhole or into a 7-11, which one would you go into?
  • If you could be an exotic animal that is orange, which one would you be?
  • What happened when you jumped out of the plane over Monaco?
  • What really happened to Agent 106?
  • Shaken or Stirred?

Some of these questions were a bit weird I had a little bit of trouble thinking of what to respond with. I did like the shaken vs stirred one though.  For the video set up I tried to keep it as ominous and secret as possible. I set up a light behind me so that it would cast a shadow onto my face. I also wore a black ski mask, and a black shirt, because we all know black is scary and spooky. After that it was just keeping my face out of the light.

Editing this video I just used iMovie. All I needed to do was cut out long pauses, shaky camera, or anything unnatural. Thankfully I didn’t move much so cuts aren’t too easily noticed.


If You Had One Second

One second is not a lot of time. What can be accomplished in a second or less? You could blink or double click a mouse. Your heart could beat once too. In one second, a top fuel dragster can use 11.2 gallons of nitro methane fuel. Usain Bolt could sprint 11 meters. Needless to say there’s not really a lot of room in one second.

Here is what I managed to capture in one second.

Did you miss what happened? My GSD perked her ears up. There’s not much to show. Why make a one second video if there isn’t much of anything to show? Well, it makes you realize just how quick time is slipping by. Most importantly like most art, it shows that you can do it. There may not be much reason to, but do you really need one?