There’s New Agent In Town

Neil Roberts is a newly discovered operative and is willing to come forward and talk about his upbringing and some of his experiences as an agent. Here is the only known photo of him during his time as an agent.

Roberts was a cadet at the US Naval Academy and from there went on to becoming a Navy SEAL. Roberts spent a few years doing secret and highly classified missions and taking down all sorts of bad guys and terrorist leaders throughout the world. Roberts later retired from the military after an injury suffered during a raid.

Roberts was then later recruited by the CIA and acted as an advisor to developing nations. Roberts no longer lives the fast paced adrenaline junky life he once used to and has now settled down a bit. How much more can I tell you? Not much much, or else I’d have to kill you.

Week Two Down the Drain

Another week down and boy was there some work to do. Installing more things, doing more assignments, doing daily creates really start to take a toll towards the end of the week.  But I survived so that alright.

Week Two Art

This week I made some pretty interesting art pieces. Here are some of my featured pieces from my daily creates.

I need to stop looking at daily assignments like this as a chore but instead an opportunity to have fun and be creative.  That’s probably my the hardest part of a daily assignment like this.

The Assignments

For my three assignments I chose to make a buzzfeed quiz, a wanted poster, and a scene poster. With so many choices of topics and probably thousands of different assignments to choose from the it was really difficult for me to find something.  This much freedom is sometimes hard to handle and will probably take some time to get used to.

Here is a link to my Scene Poster

Here is my BuzzFeed quiz

And finally comes my wanted poster

Create An Assignment

For my creation I was given the web category. I decided to use Google’s quick draw neural net guessing game as an assignment. This may sound super easy, however drawing with a track pad under a time constraint is quite difficult and even Google wasn’t smart enough to figure out some of my drawings.  At the end of the assignment you should share your drawings for everyone on twitter to see and or make fun of your poor trackpad drawing skills.

The assignment can be found here and this is my best attempt.



Wanted For Doing Secret Things

A wanted poster for the greatest spy in the world has just started to circulate and I’m posting it here to help get the word out. Here it is, his name is Cyril Figgus and he is the head of The Figgus Agency.  He is the most ruthless spy in the west. He has killed many Russian citizens, was a leader in a cocaine smuggling cartel all throughout South America.

The Poster

The poster was made using this website here. This website made everything streamlined and easy to follow. There are only a couple themes to choose from, one being western and the other called tech. I used the tech theme because it best fits the description of this course.

The Idea

Besides James Bond, Archer is a clear choice to use for a spy agency. Spy Kids was also a close contender but I didn’t feel quite comfortable with that movie. Before anyone points out the fact that the image is of Sterling Archer and not of Cyril, thanks for looking at this post and watching this TV show.  Archer is my favorite spy TV show and is up my alley with it’s sense of humor.   Throughout all the seasons Archer has always been hunted by the Russians and their cyborg spy Barry.

The Process

The process is pretty much listed in the poster section. All you need to do is choose a photo, resize the photo and or lower the quality so it meets the size limitations, choose a theme and think of some captions.  The phone number is fake. Pro tip: any number with 555 is fake and if you pay attention in movies 555 numbers are always used in dialogue.

Guessing Game

I had always wondered where those infamous buzzfeed quizzes would always come from. It always seems like there is a new one popping up that could tell anything from what’s your shoe size all the way to where you grew up. So I decided to make one.

Quiz found here

The Quiz

The quiz I made is titled “Can We Guess Which Type of Car You Drive?”.  It is actually pretty hard to find a topic for a the quiz. Even harder is trying to simplify the types of car people can drive.  The car market is so saturated there are quite a lot of choices to choose from. There are small hatchbacks, basic sedans, sports sedans, luxury sedans, coupes, convertibles and the list keeps going. For trucks its the same way as there are mini trucks, diesel trucks, full-size trucks, half tons, quarter tons, 4x4s, 4x2s, SUVs and on and on.  There needs to be some simple way to bring this list down.  I final outcomes for the quiz I have chosen are basic econobox, lifted brodozer, public transportation, and luxury sedan.  I feel that those cover a large percentage of the population and even those that do not own cars.


The process was quite simple, mostly filling out text boxes and adding images. Finding images that were royalty free however were a pain. There are several basic layouts to choose from but what best fit my needs was the “Personality Quiz” layout.  This layout is simple and easy to follow.  The hardest part is trying to figure out questions and their correlating “personality”.  There is no true science to this so everything is made up.

The Idea

IRL I’m really into cars and this is just a way for me to express that interest. I don’t really have an interest in small econoboxes like Honda Civics or Ford Fiestas, but it helps me stay more engaged in the activity and makes it more interesting.


Has the Gang Gone too Far?

It’s always sunny in philadelphia, except when it rains. The assignment that I have chosen is to create a scene poster from a movie or TV show.  Not much else detail was given for directions other than be creative which is a given.  With so many options, so many good TV shows and movies out there deciding on what scene to choose is very difficult.  However, after long hours of deep thought I finally have a scene that captures the emotion, the peril, and growth or even sometimes the downfall of the characters.

This is the is the finished scene poster.

Simple? Yes. The ideas it represents however are complex as it showcases more than just the current struggle to win a simple skiing competition. For some background, the show is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Season 11 Episode 3.  In this episode the main character Dee, Mac, Dennis, Charlie and Frank head to the slopes for the weekend to go skiing.  The gang splits and it becomes a battle for the slopes with Mac, Dee, and Charlie for the right to party and Dennis and Frank for ownership of the mountain as Frank recently purchased it.

The Scene Poster

In the poster is a screen cap of the final race between Dennis, fighting for the mountain ownership, against Charlie, fighting for the people and their right to party on the mountain.  Dennis prepared for a no holds barred, adrenaline packed deathmatch and as seen in the image was prepared for an olympic race.  However, Charlie was a novice on the slopes and looked like the people he represented on the bunny hill. Dennis is seen crawling towards the blue finish line after crashing and breaking his ankles. Charlie, more sensible and destined to finish the race is closing the gap quickly on Dennis. This is a homage to the classic tortoise and hare fable as Dennis, drained of his energy and broken attempts to even finish while Charlie is getting there no matter what.

Story Behind the Story

In the beginning of the show Dennis used to be the voice of reason while Charlie came up with wild ideas and did really weird things such as eating paint.  As the seasons drew on, their roles began to reverse. We started to see the real Dennis, someone who wasn’t the always likeable, attractive, wealthy, successful, and smart person that was painted in the beginning. What we have now chiseled from his childhood and problems is someone who is extremely narcissistic, selfish,  a predator, insecure with his sexuality, and has a need of finding acceptance in others.  Charlie has always been considered a wildcard, and by far the dumbest of the group.  In most recent seasons, he has been able to have sudden moments of clarity and solve difficult problems almost single handedly.

Dennis crawling to the finish being chased down by Charlie is a representation of his culminating issues catching up to him. He is within inches of sanity but could very much slip out of it and lose it all. Charlie is very much still in this race. With him starting out in the very back signifies how Dennis pushes his problems deep and far away with them to come very close in overwhelming him. Does Charlie win the race and Dennis’ issue take over? I guess you just need to watch the episode for yourself.


Using a mac I didn’t have access to Microsoft Paint or Photoshop and had to step out of my comfort zone. I had heard of GIMP mentioned before online but I never had a reason to download it but now I did. GIMP is a free cross platform image manipulation software that is also open source. This seemed like a great tool to being using for a task like this. I will admit, using it is quite a learning curve and I had to Google simple things such as how to insert text boxes but it was not too bad. I could definitely see myself using GIMP more often as I get more comfortable with its tools and learn its features.


Week One in Review

The first week of class will always be hectic and is even worse in a class that you never truly step foot in.  This class is not like any other I’ve taken before so there will be a learning curve even though I have previously taken online courses.

So far in this first week, I have made my first tweet,

my first YouTube video which took about 9 takes to do. I never knew how hard it is for dogs to and people to interact on camera together.

I also added 5 pictures to flickr which are mostly of my dogs and cars.








I also posted for the first time on SoundCloud

Nothing in this first week was too difficult. Everything was pretty streamlined all the way from setting up accounts to using wordpress. WordPress is pretty easy to use and surprises me how anyone could really find it difficult. I’m sure there is more technical things you can do with it but just posting text and embedding media is pretty self explanatory.

10 Ways to Generate Quality Clickbait

Many of the pointers listed in the article, “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered”, are not very complicated. If anything, several of them are very simple and probably do not even need to be said.  Tips such as “Stick Around”, “learn to take a punch”, and “You do not have to be a genius” are tips that shouldn’t even be said.  If you want anything to even remotely succeed, you will need to stick around through thick and thin and post consistent quality content.  Not everyone will agree with your thoughts on the internet and that is to be expected. As everyone is separated through a computer screen and not policed, some people will say nasty and vile things. You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be interesting. Either way, really smart people who claim they’re geniuses and better than everyone else aren’t who you probably want to hang out with anyways. Case in point:

The most important takeaway from this article is to tell good stories. We all know that one guy who tells amazing stories and they don’t even need to be of him doing something cool, it’s just the way he says it. It’s his cadence and his delivery that solidify the story, not the content. Now I just need to do that in blog form. How hard could it be?

Secret Agent Man

The course theme of being a secret agent will help create some unity for the course but will come with its own set of challenges. Isn’t the whole point of being a secret agent that no one knows you’re a secret agent? It seems kind of counter intuitive to explicitly announce on the web and social media sites. The hard part is subtly dropping hints and working around the new status of being a secret agent.  Sort of like how almost everyone James Bond encounters knows him and his antics, but yet he can run around almost unknown.


Sean Connery next to an Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger


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