Where My Shoes Take Me

This assignment was to create a video which shows where my shoes take me. Where do they take me? Watch this and find out!

This video tries its best to follow me throughout my day. Of course it is not 100% accurate, otherwise it would have been 24 hours long. The video starts with me getting out of bed, putting on pants, socks, and the main actor, my shoes. I walk throughout campus, into buildings that I have class, chill out on a lawn chair, go to the library, make a quick pit stop to the bathroom, and finally make my way back to my room.

I tried to add a little bit of situational humor to the video. There’s not much excitement in watching two feet move around for 4 minutes, so I added the stop to me going to the bathroom. It seems kind of simple, but I think it’s unexpected for someone to actually film themselves in the bathroom since its normally regarded as such a private area.

I filmed this video in little bits and eventually stuck them all together in iMovie. I could get the free trial of Adobe premier and use that but I decided to keep it simple and just use what I already have. I needed an extra hand to film the early portions  where I’m putting my pants, socks, and shoes on. For that I got my girlfriend to hold the camera quite literally in front of my face to film. It was made a little more difficult as I could only see through the camera screen, and not what I was actually doing.



My College Snapshot

The assignment that I chose was to do was a college snapshot. For this assignment I was to chose some photos that highlighted my college career so far, and are sort of interesting. I obviously took more photos than the amount that are there in video, but I had to narrow them down somehow.

The thumbnail is a picture from a freshman year bonfire that UMW held. They also gave out free flowers so I might as well grab one right? It was a great time to meet new people in an unfamiliar place.

One of my favorite pastimes is fishing. I don’t have any pictures of monster bass that I’ve caught, but I do have a couple fish. In the winter/spring I’m mostly going after the trout in either the stock trout pond near campus, or going out in the mountains and wading into a remote stream. It’s all a great time, and it’s not a big deal if I don’t catch anything, it’s all about the experience of going out and disconnecting from everything else and just focusing on nature and all it has to offer.

Probably the best thing I’ve done to make college bearable is join the rugby team here at UMW. Because I’m a commuter, it’s difficult to find a reason to stay on campus and socialize. Sure there’s a few things that is put on by the CPB, but that’s few and far between. With rugby, there is always something going on and responsibilities that make me contribute. I get to know about 35 more people and have a great time playing the game. The pictures I posted are from this team’s Ireland Tour during spring break. It was definitely a great time overall, even though it was always raining.

This assignment was a simple concept. Creating a video with pictures is a lot easier than it is using actual video clips. However, iMovie decided it knew better than me and chose seemingly random spots to zoom in or out of during the movie. It fought me a little bit because of that, and I had to go through every single photo I used to make sure it didn’t zoom out or in and leave out important things. The song I chose to use was Ryan Hemsworth – Empty Thoughts Over a Shallow Ocean. I chose this because I ended up seeing him right before my first year of college and listened to a lot of his stuff since then.


Summary Week 9

This week was pretty good and straight forward. The web assignments are pretty fun and include some new tools and techniques I haven’t used before. This is the first time I’ve used the X-ray Goggles tool to mess with HTML and webpages. Other than that this week was pretty simple and wasn’t too challenging, just a little time consuming trying to be creative.

This week’s daily creates:

The Daily Create Story here.

The Assignments:

What Kind of Spy are You? – 4 Stars

Open Sources – 4 Stars

Other Assignments:

Radio listen

Web Story Telling



Top 3 Posts

The top 3 posts are:

This logged Google Maps Trip: I really wanted to do this assignment but I don’t think I would have had enough time to do it, or battery. Where I grew up there were a lot of places that I would like to revisit and it’s really cool that they were able to do that.

Google Draw Something: Mainly I like this because I made this web assignment, but most importantly someone actually had fun doing this and that’s the best feeling.

Good Morning Radio: They did a really good job with this song and I can definitely tell they spent a lot of time working on this. I missed this on their radio show but I’m sure it turned out really well.

A Daily Create Short Story

Once upon a time there was a small internet that didn’t have a lot of connections and was limited to the number of people on it. One day however, the US government issued a policy called open door, and released the floodgates of the internet to the public. Everyone was on it and had a great time. However, some people could have done a lot more, and made a lot of money off some easy investments.  They could have been someone.  However the internet has grown and grown. It’s grown larger than some people could have even imagined. At one point, someone was snooping around on the darknet and saw a few things they shouldn’t have. They noped out of there so fast it was quicker than greased lightning. It was a good thing they followed proper internet procedure for exiting threads.

What Kind of Spy are You?

This assignment was pretty fun. I had done something similar before but this one is now connected to the spy theme. This one predicts what sort of spy you are, either a badass or a weird one. The badass being more like Jason Bourne and the weird one is equal to Johnny English.  The quiz may be found here.

The more and more I do this stuff I’m surprised with how difficult it is to come up with some quality questions and answers. On the surface it seems very easy and straightforward. Just ask some questions right? Well since it is going on Buzzfeed the questions need to have some sort of fun factor, plus the answer choices can’t be boring either. But with enough head scratching I eventually figured something out.

The layout is pretty easy to follow and has directions each step of the way. The hardest part is being creative and to me that doesn’t really come naturally.

Open Sources

This assignment was pretty cool. As a CS major, I end up downloading a lot of neat things for classes, or someone in a class mentions something that is open source that I should get.

How many open source programs do I currently have?

Currently on my computer I have Firefox, R, Paintbrush, GIMP, Audacity, VLC, Pandas, and Numpy.  There may be a few other I had used before such as Ubuntu, but that is a separate operating system.

How many commercial software programs could be replaced with free and open source alternatives?

I am a very cheap person, and am willing to always go out of my way to save a few dimes. This includes not having to pay for software such as Adobe Photoshop. I had originally used photoshop during a free 30 day trial, but that expired long ago. I currently use GIMP, one of the open source pieces of software that I currently listed. So I currently don’t have any programs that can be switched because they’re all already free.

What media are you using that compromises your personal data, count the programs and devices?

There is a simple flowchart to follow to see if your information is being followed. Was the program free? –> Yes —-> You’re info is being sold. Facebook is probably the worst offender. I use a facebook just to keep track of things going on with the rugby team and even then it’s invasive. Zuckerberg himself said that people are dumb for giving him all their information for free, which he just then turns around and sells. This is the same for apple and google. Just remember, if the product is free, you’re the product.



New website, new story

This assignment was to edit the web contents to create a story. We were to use Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles tool to edit and manipulate the page’s code to make a story. This tool edits the HTML code in the web page and lets you mess around and edit the text. A direct link to the webpage may be found here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.38.28 AM

The story this webpage tells is one of a distraught DS106 student. One who is having trouble with his DS106 work, struggling to find inspiration for his work, and not having the time management skills to effectively do his work. So instead of digging down deep and hitting doing the work, Reddit is there in the way.

The internet is full of snakes and temptresses. Reddit is the largest offender here and is the main source and indirect cause of pain and despair.  An internet course is a great idea, until you realize how easy it is to become sidetracked.

Reddit is always there. Constantly there edging him on, “It’s only a few minutes, check out all this new stuff.” It’s practically an addiction. The first time you visit you’re filled with this wonderment and question how you ever used the internet before this. Then you visit again. You see new things, but it’s not as good as the first time. You are constantly chasing the feeling you got the first time, but it’s not the same, and it won’t ever be.

Using this tool was really easy. As someone who has had to use HTML before in a class to create basic webpages, this was even simpler than Lego’s Duplo building blocks. I drew inspiration from one of the subreddits called /r/Me_irl. It’s pretty much exactly what I outlined in the story, only more memes.





Rad Radio

I listened to the first radio show that was on air and that was the Miami Spy Convention. There is always some pressure to be the first group presenting your project, even when it’s through the internet and you’re not actually there.

The Miami Spy Convention follows several radio show hosts that are in Miami and interviewing spies that are in attendance. They admit that it is pretty difficult to find them, but the most frustrating part is getting them to talk. One person they interviewed couldn’t answer any questions about their work, what they do, and other seemingly basic questions. I guess in that line of work you could never be too careful.

The commercials in this show were well made and  tied into their themes well. They were cleanly and very well put together with the editing, using the voice and supplementing with background noise perfectly. During the convention portion of the show they had a generic background of people talking and it really helped immerse you into the feeling that they were actually there.

Overall I think this group did really well and it was enjoyable to listen to.

Here are some of my live tweets



The Fate of Week Eight

The radio show is finally over!

My daily creates were posted below.

The link to the radio show and it’s process can be found here <—-

Doing group projects is always going to have its difficulties, especially for an online class. It didn’t feel right having to meet in person to do a group project for an online class. There’s no real class time, so why should I actually meet people face to face? My group did use google hangouts video chat and had a shared drive for everything so we didn’t have to meet in person, but I feel that the quality of the end product would have suffered.

There isn’t much that I learned this week. The radio project was however a good assignment that put together a lot of what I learned so far about audio and audacity. Large projects like this always stress the importance of starting early, having a solid plan, and a clear vision of the end product. Without those aspects, you’ll be wasting time.