Real Fake Doors Ad

For this assignment I was to make a fictional radio ad for a fake company or imaginary business. My ad is for the company “Real Fake Doors” that sells real fake doors, doors that won’t open. This is not my original idea, but my ad is a take of the original one from Rick and Morty S1E8. To get an idea of the original, here is a clip of it from the show.

I had decided to do a spin off of this ad because Rick and Morty is one my favorite (and most hyped) shows to watch. A lot of the dialogue is improve. I am nowhere as good as the professionals so I needed to sit down for a little bit and think up of some catchphrases and a direction I wanted the ad to go.

And here is my Ad

This was a pretty straightforward assignment. Using audacity and its tools was easy. The hard part was writing a script and create a natural flow throughout the ad. It was made even more difficult because my fake voice isn’t that convincing and wasn’t natural for me to do. It wasn’t too difficult, but it did take some time. Unlike most assignments this one was actually pretty fun to do.

Washed Out and Away

For this assignment I had to choose a song that made me feel nostalgic and explain why. I chose the song It All Feels Right by Washed Out.  This is the perfect summer song that really brings me back to just a summer of no worries and responsibilities.

Listen to my post to hear more of my thoughts on this song and even listen to it!


If you would like to listen to Washed Out, the Spotify artist link is here.

For this assignment I used audacity to record and import the song file. After I recorded my story I went through and edited the track to remove the “umms” and create more natural pauses. This took a little longer than expected and is just as tedious as I thought it would be. Besides that this assignment was simple and didn’t have any hiccups.

Favorite Song Guess

For this assignment I was to remove the lyrics from one of my favorite songs and upload it to soundcloud so other DS106 students may guess the song. Only the first 30 seconds of the song were to be used.  Warning! Song spoiler at end of post.

This isn’t necessarily my all time favorite song, however during the summer you can bet your buns that I’m listening to this in the summer, cruising with the windows down listening to southern rock (hint) in my 4×4. A friend had gotten me into the genre a few years ago and I’ve been hooked since. Weirdly enough, I love this kind of music, anything from southern rock to indie folk but I just can’t get into country, especially modern pop country.

It is quite difficult to get all the voice and lyrics out of a song. The best way would just to start from an instrumental version, however that seemed like cheating. Audacity has a two built in functions to remove voice and decided to try and use them. I first tried to use both of them together because obviously more is better and it practically removed all the audio. I then just decided to use one and mess around with the volumes to make it sound better. There is still some residual vocals in the background but I’m not a sound engineer or an audiophile so it passed my litmus test.

Song is Heard it in a love song – Marshall Tucker Band


Mixtape Hot Fire

The broad definition of a mixtape is a collection of songs. The directions for this assignment weren’t really clear on what was needed to do so I chose some songs that were important to me. The songs I chose for this mixtape are from artists that I saw live and really enjoyed their shows. Those songs included in this playlist are the ones I enjoyed the most and were my favorite ones that I saw the artists perform live.

These songs bring me back to when I constantly searched for new artists and albums constantly. It seemed like almost every couple weeks I would be going to DC and going to U Street Music Hall or the 930 Club to go see a live show. But since I’ve started school and gotten really invested into on campus athletics and maintaining high grades it’s been difficult to indulge in those experiences. Even during the summer when I am free, the artists I may want to see aren’t touring or have already stopped by DC earlier in the year. It’s just a luxury I can’t afford anymore and I guess that’s the problem of growing up and having responsibilities.

Voicemail In Need

This assignment was to create a voicemail for a movie or tv show character. My first thought was Archer’s famous prank voicemails that he has recorded but I just can’t impersonate his voice. I needed to include my spy character for one of the assignments and decided that if Archer could do it, so could Agent Roberts. There was no direction on whether or not I should be leaving the voicemail, or create the answering machine message so Agent Roberts is leaving a voicemail.

Because Roberts spends so much time out in the field doing secret missions, there is bound to be a time when he needs help and there is no one else on the line. I thought it would be funny if Roberts sounded very nonchalant throughout the whole ordeal, even sounding bored. All of this calm even though you can hear his gunshots, a machine gun, and a helicopter chasing him down in the background.  I think this is representative of most movie secret agents, you see them doing all these really crazy stunts such as fighting on top of a moving train, and it all just seems like it’s a normal everyday encounter.

All sounds were sourced from

Reverse Reverse!

I did the Reverse Audio Quiz and now your job as the reader is to try and guess the song by listening to it reversed and also with the help of three hints.

My three hints are:

  1. This song is from the genre Vaporwave, so as a result it samples old 80’s music and slows it down and repeats it this video linked here is a pretty good explanation of what it is.
  2. If you search “aesthetic”, the album it comes from is one of the top hits on Google’s image search
  3. It’s title is referenced by typing into Google Translate in the video linked

This assignment was pretty simple to do. Audacity already has a reverse function so it’s pretty straightforward. I didn’t want this song to be too noticeable on what it is, but I wanted the off chance that someone has probably heard it. The song had gotten pretty popular on the internet and had made its rounds on social media, often times without the title being given. This will add a few levels of difficulty to the discovery of the song.

Everyone Has a Fishing Story

At sometime in their life someone has been told a fishing story that sounds too crazy to be true. My story here is just a little bit more tame. I used 6 sounds to create my story of someone going out fishing and catching a fish. The story consists of someone walking to their favorite spot, casting their line, reeling in a fish, hearing the splash on the surface, and then unhooking and dropping the fish back into the water. To make reel the audience into the outdoor scene I used a sound bit of some birds chirping with some outdoor ambience.

Overall this assignment was pretty easy. It take a little bit of searching and clever timing to get it just right. The sound files always need to be edited and tinkered with and that’s what made me spend a little bit more time on the assignment.


Radio Bumper Cars

This assignment was to get a basic feeling for how audacity works and just get a general idea of what tools it has to offer. I already have experience with audacity from using it in other classes so it wasn’t that hard to get back into. I have also experimented with other music production software such as FL Studio and Ableton so I have some experience importing, editing, cutting, and manipulating songs and sounds. The hardest part was to source a song and then to record myself saying something and hoping it sounded alright.

The song used is Blank Banshee – B: Start Up, a vaporwave song that samples the Windows 98 startup tune that is then layered with a trap beat and stretched in a true vaporwave aesthetic. I recorded myself using just the QuickTime audio recording tool that comes with my mac. It was easier use it and then import the audio file rather than trying to learn how to record on Audacity.

With how the song progresses and naturally dies off, I decided to start it at full volume and then use the Fade Out effect about halfway through the song. When the song volume reaches a point that the recorded audio volume is higher, only then does my message play, letting the song taper off quietly and quickly right after I finish me message. This I felt was the most natural way to fade the song in and out without having the message drowned out by the song.