Interview an Agent

Ever wanted to know what Agent Roberts was up to? Now is your chance.

The questions answered are (in order)

  • When someone yawns do you also yawn?
  • What do you think of garden gnomes?
  • If you were being chased by a gorilla and had to choose going down a manhole or into a 7-11, which one would you go into?
  • If you could be an exotic animal that is orange, which one would you be?
  • What happened when you jumped out of the plane over Monaco?
  • What really happened to Agent 106?
  • Shaken or Stirred?

Some of these questions were a bit weird I had a little bit of trouble thinking of what to respond with. I did like the shaken vs stirred one though.  For the video set up I tried to keep it as ominous and secret as possible. I set up a light behind me so that it would cast a shadow onto my face. I also wore a black ski mask, and a black shirt, because we all know black is scary and spooky. After that it was just keeping my face out of the light.

Editing this video I just used iMovie. All I needed to do was cut out long pauses, shaky camera, or anything unnatural. Thankfully I didn’t move much so cuts aren’t too easily noticed.