This is a PSA to Please Use Your Blinkers

If you are on the road with a legally obtained driver’s license there was a time in your life when you had to have taken a Driver’s Ed class. That class was either only in class instruction, a road test, or both. At some point during that time the use of blinkers must have been mentioned. They are not optional. For some reason, german auto manufacturers, in this example BMW, have a terrible reputation of attracting drivers that do not use their turn signals. For this assignment, I created a PSA for a billboard that gives a friendly reminder to please use their signals.

In this PSA, It includes the phrase, “If you drive one of these, use one of these.” In order to not confuse and target other drivers, a BMW logo is used to garner the attention of the correct group. There is an arrow pointing to the nondescript vehicle with the turn signal illuminated. The small red lines around the light indicates that it is on and flashing. This poster is not that complex and offers a simple graphic and arrow that shows what BMW drivers are being reminded of. After all, we wouldn’t want to leave them more questions than answers.

Going from using Canva to Gimp was like a baptism with fire. It’s such a jump from complexity that I nearly forgot how to use it. Learning the keyboard commands with Gimp makes everything so much smoother, and easier as you’re not looking and clicking through menus to select a tool. Most often then not, a tool is easily selected by a single letter on the keyboard.

“Insert Quote Here”

This assignment was to create our own contradiction creation. The directions were to have a background and a quote that differ in meaning.

Lets go where the wifi is weak

Here is my creation. Today everyone lives off of their phone and mobile devices. These people treat their devices like life support, withering away into non existence when the plug is pulled. In the background is a photo of Tokyo, a city driven by technology, performance, and innovation. The slogan above is often found on outdoorsy tumblr posts about exploration and going outside. These people are found in the ‘wild’ their Eno, hanging from trees all along campus, and drive a Jeep because it’s rugged and utilitarian, believing it can take them anywhere. As long as anywhere is to their local Starbucks and strip mall parking lot. In this photo, two worlds collide. A life in the city, where the connection between each device is parasitic to each person connected, and the adventurous and outdoorsy crowd, going on hikes and adventures but still somehow live tweeting every step up the mountain.

Canva is my new favorite tool. Everything it offers is so simple, so easy, my dog could probably learn how to work it (she’s pretty smart).  There wasn’t much to do other than finding a photo and quote and using the header tool to insert text. White was the easiest and most visible color choice for text.

Silicon Valley TV Poster

Silicon Valley is a popular TV show that airs on HBO after Game of Thrones. The show is in its third series which is airing in April. The show follows a group of young engineers in Silicon Valley that are trying to make it big with their start up, Pied Piper, a data compression company. Along the way they face some hardships including lawsuits, crazy investors, and problems with human resources.

The directions of this assignment were to be to be minimalist. All I have included is the title of the show, and the company logo, a hat of the pied piper. The poster also includes the names of the actors in the series. I decided to use the color green because on the company in the show has a green logo. Green also symbolizes something new or refreshing, and it fits the show because it is fairly new and many tech companies in that area try to create an impact whether it is technically, socially, or environmentally.

For this assignment I used Canva because I had already used it once to create a postcard and they’re not much different. Canva includes very easy steps to insert text, images, and properly center and line them up. I will definitely keep using canva for later assignments simply because of its ease of use.

Cats & Coffee

This destination postcard assignment was pretty fun to do. The hardest part is always deciding where the postcard should show. This postcard is for a cafe in London, UK. This is not just any ordinary cafe either, as there are cats that free roam the cafe. The cafe is two stories tall, and offers all the normal traditional English style tea and crumpets with you favorite kitty.

The photo is a generic cat photo with your imagination of tea or coffee with cookies. It is not representative of the cats at the cafe, however on their website you can read their biographies. On top of the card we have the title of the cafe, and in the bottom left there is the location. Because a postcard is mostly designed for the city and the country in which it is in, I followed convention and did not include the actual address of the cafe.

For this assignment I decided to use Canva. I have never heard of it before and this was my first time using it. Canva was designed to be the easiest and most simplistic image editing tool that requires no learning curve. I believe that they definitely succeeded in that as it was very easy to use. Everything from choosing a design, template, uploading an image, and then downloading the finished version was painless and streamlined.

Has the Gang Gone too Far?

It’s always sunny in philadelphia, except when it rains. The assignment that I have chosen is to create a scene poster from a movie or TV show.  Not much else detail was given for directions other than be creative which is a given.  With so many options, so many good TV shows and movies out there deciding on what scene to choose is very difficult.  However, after long hours of deep thought I finally have a scene that captures the emotion, the peril, and growth or even sometimes the downfall of the characters.

This is the is the finished scene poster.

Simple? Yes. The ideas it represents however are complex as it showcases more than just the current struggle to win a simple skiing competition. For some background, the show is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Season 11 Episode 3.  In this episode the main character Dee, Mac, Dennis, Charlie and Frank head to the slopes for the weekend to go skiing.  The gang splits and it becomes a battle for the slopes with Mac, Dee, and Charlie for the right to party and Dennis and Frank for ownership of the mountain as Frank recently purchased it.

The Scene Poster

In the poster is a screen cap of the final race between Dennis, fighting for the mountain ownership, against Charlie, fighting for the people and their right to party on the mountain.  Dennis prepared for a no holds barred, adrenaline packed deathmatch and as seen in the image was prepared for an olympic race.  However, Charlie was a novice on the slopes and looked like the people he represented on the bunny hill. Dennis is seen crawling towards the blue finish line after crashing and breaking his ankles. Charlie, more sensible and destined to finish the race is closing the gap quickly on Dennis. This is a homage to the classic tortoise and hare fable as Dennis, drained of his energy and broken attempts to even finish while Charlie is getting there no matter what.

Story Behind the Story

In the beginning of the show Dennis used to be the voice of reason while Charlie came up with wild ideas and did really weird things such as eating paint.  As the seasons drew on, their roles began to reverse. We started to see the real Dennis, someone who wasn’t the always likeable, attractive, wealthy, successful, and smart person that was painted in the beginning. What we have now chiseled from his childhood and problems is someone who is extremely narcissistic, selfish,  a predator, insecure with his sexuality, and has a need of finding acceptance in others.  Charlie has always been considered a wildcard, and by far the dumbest of the group.  In most recent seasons, he has been able to have sudden moments of clarity and solve difficult problems almost single handedly.

Dennis crawling to the finish being chased down by Charlie is a representation of his culminating issues catching up to him. He is within inches of sanity but could very much slip out of it and lose it all. Charlie is very much still in this race. With him starting out in the very back signifies how Dennis pushes his problems deep and far away with them to come very close in overwhelming him. Does Charlie win the race and Dennis’ issue take over? I guess you just need to watch the episode for yourself.


Using a mac I didn’t have access to Microsoft Paint or Photoshop and had to step out of my comfort zone. I had heard of GIMP mentioned before online but I never had a reason to download it but now I did. GIMP is a free cross platform image manipulation software that is also open source. This seemed like a great tool to being using for a task like this. I will admit, using it is quite a learning curve and I had to Google simple things such as how to insert text boxes but it was not too bad. I could definitely see myself using GIMP more often as I get more comfortable with its tools and learn its features.