Silicon Valley TV Poster

Silicon Valley is a popular TV show that airs on HBO after Game of Thrones. The show is in its third series which is airing in April. The show follows a group of young engineers in Silicon Valley that are trying to make it big with their start up, Pied Piper, a data compression company. Along the way they face some hardships including lawsuits, crazy investors, and problems with human resources.

The directions of this assignment were to be to be minimalist. All I have included is the title of the show, and the company logo, a hat of the pied piper. The poster also includes the names of the actors in the series. I decided to use the color green because on the company in the show has a green logo. Green also symbolizes something new or refreshing, and it fits the show because it is fairly new and many tech companies in that area try to create an impact whether it is technically, socially, or environmentally.

For this assignment I used Canva because I had already used it once to create a postcard and they’re not much different. Canva includes very easy steps to insert text, images, and properly center and line them up. I will definitely keep using canva for later assignments simply because of its ease of use.