Movie Mashup

For this assignment, worth 4 stars, I had to choose 6 movie clips and stitch them together into a single video. Now it’s your turn to watch this and guess which movies/ tv shows the clips come from.


—-Spoiler Alert—-

The answers in order are:

  1. Hot Fuzz
  2. Top Gun
  3. 2001 A Space Odyssey
  4. Bullitt
  5. Blazing Saddles
  6. Trailer Park Boys

I messed with the rules a little bit though, the clips were only supposed to be no more than two seconds long, however I felt that it didn’t allow sufficient time for a character to say an important quote from the film.  These movies and one TV show are some of my favorites, with Hot Fuzz earning its respective spot as number one in both this list and my heart.

Making this movie was pretty simple. The I got the clips from YouTube using the FireFox Video DownloadHelper tool.  These clips were then stitched together using iMovie. A transition was then added between each clip to help make it flow a little smoother.

Close Ups Are Awkward

This assignment, found here, is worth four stars and required me to use a dramatic close up of someone’s face, and then place it over a scene or landscape. Here is what I came up with.

Some people may recognize this face, but if you don’t it’s ok. This is the face of the ultra violence. This face is from the movie A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick, and it belongs to a man named Alex. Alex and his gang of droogs go around and commit terrible atrocities, thus the name ultra violence.

It only seemed fitting to place his face over an image of flames, as he is an evil human being. Fire is often used as a symbol for pain and death so it was appropriate. It could be said that he also carries within him a burning passion for violence.

Like all the other images I manipulated I used GIMP. I took a photo of Alex and pasted his face over the fire. I then resized his face, cropped the image so it looked proportional, and then blended the corners of his shoulders so that it didn’t look so forced.

Just Slap Two Scenes Together

This assignment, that I found here, was to choose a movie scene and then sneakily edit in another scene, prop, or person. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

I chose a scene here, from the movie Patriot Games, based on the the book written by Tom Clancy. This scene is where Jack Ryan begins to be tailed the man shown, as he nonchalantly looks at the newspaper. I decided that I would edit in a face of another famous spy, Austin Powers. I imagine that the reason he is staring at the newspaper so intently is because one the most notorious superspies is featured on the front page of the paper.

I chose this scene because it’s actually pretty hard to find a natural place to put a random face. Sure you could just stick anywhere in the background, but that simply isn’t natural and doesn’t carry a sense of belonging. Here, we have a perfect candidate, a newspaper headline.  I used GIMP to do the image manipulation. I first downloaded a png image of Austin Powers, copied it into the scene, and scaled it to size and then finally placing it into its final resting place.