Just Slap Two Scenes Together

This assignment, that I found here, was to choose a movie scene and then sneakily edit in another scene, prop, or person. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

I chose a scene here, from the movie Patriot Games, based on the the book written by Tom Clancy. This scene is where Jack Ryan begins to be tailed the man shown, as he nonchalantly looks at the newspaper. I decided that I would edit in a face of another famous spy, Austin Powers. I imagine that the reason he is staring at the newspaper so intently is because one the most notorious superspies is featured on the front page of the paper.

I chose this scene because it’s actually pretty hard to find a natural place to put a random face. Sure you could just stick anywhere in the background, but that simply isn’t natural and doesn’t carry a sense of belonging. Here, we have a perfect candidate, a newspaper headline.  I used GIMP to do the image manipulation. I first downloaded a png image of Austin Powers, copied it into the scene, and scaled it to size and then finally placing it into its final resting place.