Close Ups Are Awkward

This assignment, found here, is worth four stars and required me to use a dramatic close up of someone’s face, and then place it over a scene or landscape. Here is what I came up with.

Some people may recognize this face, but if you don’t it’s ok. This is the face of the ultra violence. This face is from the movie A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick, and it belongs to a man named Alex. Alex and his gang of droogs go around and commit terrible atrocities, thus the name ultra violence.

It only seemed fitting to place his face over an image of flames, as he is an evil human being. Fire is often used as a symbol for pain and death so it was appropriate. It could be said that he also carries within him a burning passion for violence.

Like all the other images I manipulated I used GIMP. I took a photo of Alex and pasted his face over the fire. I then resized his face, cropped the image so it looked proportional, and then blended the corners of his shoulders so that it didn’t look so forced.