Rad Radio

I listened to the first radio show that was on air and that was the Miami Spy Convention. There is always some pressure to be the first group presenting your project, even when it’s through the internet and you’re not actually there.

The Miami Spy Convention follows several radio show hosts that are in Miami and interviewing spies that are in attendance. They admit that it is pretty difficult to find them, but the most frustrating part is getting them to talk. One person they interviewed couldn’t answer any questions about their work, what they do, and other seemingly basic questions. I guess in that line of work you could never be too careful.

The commercials in this show were well made and  tied into their themes well. They were cleanly and very well put together with the editing, using the voice and supplementing with background noise perfectly. During the convention portion of the show they had a generic background of people talking and it really helped immerse you into the feeling that they were actually there.

Overall I think this group did really well and it was enjoyable to listen to.

Here are some of my live tweets