Poster x Waldo Remixed

In this remixed assignment I took an older post of mine where I made a minimalist poster and then hid waldo somewhere. The remix details can be found here, while the original poster assignment can be found here.

Because this assignment was minimalist, it is very hard to hide something, let alone a man dressed without camouflage. I decided to hide waldo in between the letter ‘n’.  Here it looks as if he is hiding underneath a structure, to hide from viewers from the top. Too bad he doesn’t know how a 2D image works.

I used GIMP to hide waldo. I downloaded a photo of waldo and used the bucket fill tool to fill in the white space around him as the same color of the poster.  I then cropped his image as much as I could so that I could fit him underneath. Changing his shape is then the final step, as I had to scale him to ridiculously small. In the end he’s only like 40 pixels tall.

I Unironically Used Comic Sans

This remixed assignment can be found here. I had done the assignment on poor font choices previously and that can be found here.  This was to take it up a notch and create a presentation that breaks all the rules. It was heartbreaking.

This is the presentation

The presentation was made on google slides so that it would be easy to share. Because its a remix of one of my old previous assignments, I obviously had to include Comic Sans anywhere I could and it made me blind. These slides break so many rules, pictures that don’t have anything to do with the topics, photos are too large, terrible font, terrible font colors, no consistency, too many words on the slides, and improperly done citations. Instant failure. Except this one time.

Making this was straightforward. Copy in images, and splatter garbage all over the screen. Done.