How To Tutorial

This is tutorial on how to make a product review. Here is my original product review.

This assignment may seem a little difficult if you think you need to do everything with one take and talk in front of the camera. Good news! You don’t have to. This assignment can be broken down into two parts, the Video, and the Audio.


What You need:

  • A plan of what you are going to say, and what features you need to showcase
  • An idea of how long the dialogue would be
  • An eye for design and filming, rule of thirds still applies here

Make sure to capture more video than you think you may need, you never know how much “filler” you may need.

You need to then stitch together the clips you now have into an order that makes sense in a movie making software of your choice.


What You Need:

  • The video clips put into a general order
  • A script
  • Voice capturing and editing software

This part is easy, just watch the video at the same time you read the script. At this point nothing should be perfectly edited. If you record in audacity, take the time to edit out the unnatural pauses and “uhhhs” from the recording.


Now it is time to edit.

This is the home stretch and all you need to do.

  1. Import your recording into your movie making software.
  2. Edit your clips to follow your narration

It is ok if you need to split your recording to allow for more film space where you don’t have any commentary.

And like that you’re done!

A Spy’s Favorite Meal

This assignment can be found here and it was to create a “How To” video. This video describes how to make an ever so famous grilled cheese sandwich.

I modeled my video style after one of my favorite food channels on YouTube, Binging with Babish. I don’t really have the same soothing deep voice he has or a cool apron but I do know how to make a grilled cheese. If you haven’t seen one of his videos, my favorite one where he makes food from the show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is posted below.

This video was a win win for me. I got an assignment out of the way, and at the same time got to eat it because I was pretty hungry. These sandwiches also paired nicely with a bowl of tomato soup.  This is one of Agent Robert’s favorite foods and most spies don’t give out personal details like this very often, so it’s a rare treat to see the inside of his life like this.

This movie was made with iMovie and audio was edited with Audacity, similarly to all the other videos I have made before this one.

Spy Doggs

This is a post for this assignment here. This assignment ironically was like herding cats, but instead with dogs. My dogs listen pretty well, but are so hard to sit still together. Anyways, here’s the ad.

This was the best of a couple takes and the most they were able to sit still. The video is only supposed to be 45 seconds to a minute long, but for them, it’s an eternity. My main influence for this idea was knowing that animals have been used in the military and police forces for hundreds of years. All the way from Hannibal bringing elephants over the alps, Rin Tin Tin in WWI, and current day bomb and drug sniffing dogs animals are constantly being used in today’s militaries and police forces. And who’s to say some spy agency hasn’t used a dog before?  It’s not like they could tell you anyways.

Just like all my other videos I used iMovie to put this together. I didn’t voice over like the others because the directions stated it had to be live which made it harder to stifle the giggles after Klaus gets up and tries to walk away.

1988 Nissan Pathfinder Review

This is a review of my 1988 Nissan Pathfinder for this assignment. I really had to try and give a condensed version of this car’s story because I could probably ramble on for over 20 minutes.

One of my favorite YouTube channels to watch is Regular Car Reviews. I tried to replicate that style with slightly less humor and cultural history, and instead a little more about the car. If you’ve never seen any videos of that channel, here is one of a D21 hardbody, the truck that this Pathfinder is based off of.

If you notice, the pathfinder is practically the same, only with a permanent caba attached to it. And RCR is right, this truck is dependable. Since owning it and rescuing it from a wrecker I’ve put on almost 5000 miles, all of them dependable.  With only 165,000 miles on my pathfinder, I’m looking forward to many more.

I shot this video with my brother, as it was easier to bounce off ideas of what to film, how to set up the shot, and what angles would work best. I wanted to do a driving test along with the other parts of the video but decided it would be too long.  For this I used iMovie to stitch together the movie, and Audacity to record and edit my voice. I first strung out the video clips together in a general order in which I would talk about. I then watched the preview in iMovie while recording in Audacity, then trimming down and editing the video clips to match the appropriate scenes with the dialogue.


If You Had One Second

One second is not a lot of time. What can be accomplished in a second or less? You could blink or double click a mouse. Your heart could beat once too. In one second, a top fuel dragster can use 11.2 gallons of nitro methane fuel. Usain Bolt could sprint 11 meters. Needless to say there’s not really a lot of room in one second.

Here is what I managed to capture in one second.

Did you miss what happened? My GSD perked her ears up. There’s not much to show. Why make a one second video if there isn’t much of anything to show? Well, it makes you realize just how quick time is slipping by. Most importantly like most art, it shows that you can do it. There may not be much reason to, but do you really need one?

Where My Shoes Take Me

This assignment was to create a video which shows where my shoes take me. Where do they take me? Watch this and find out!

This video tries its best to follow me throughout my day. Of course it is not 100% accurate, otherwise it would have been 24 hours long. The video starts with me getting out of bed, putting on pants, socks, and the main actor, my shoes. I walk throughout campus, into buildings that I have class, chill out on a lawn chair, go to the library, make a quick pit stop to the bathroom, and finally make my way back to my room.

I tried to add a little bit of situational humor to the video. There’s not much excitement in watching two feet move around for 4 minutes, so I added the stop to me going to the bathroom. It seems kind of simple, but I think it’s unexpected for someone to actually film themselves in the bathroom since its normally regarded as such a private area.

I filmed this video in little bits and eventually stuck them all together in iMovie. I could get the free trial of Adobe premier and use that but I decided to keep it simple and just use what I already have. I needed an extra hand to film the early portions  where I’m putting my pants, socks, and shoes on. For that I got my girlfriend to hold the camera quite literally in front of my face to film. It was made a little more difficult as I could only see through the camera screen, and not what I was actually doing.



My College Snapshot

The assignment that I chose was to do was a college snapshot. For this assignment I was to chose some photos that highlighted my college career so far, and are sort of interesting. I obviously took more photos than the amount that are there in video, but I had to narrow them down somehow.

The thumbnail is a picture from a freshman year bonfire that UMW held. They also gave out free flowers so I might as well grab one right? It was a great time to meet new people in an unfamiliar place.

One of my favorite pastimes is fishing. I don’t have any pictures of monster bass that I’ve caught, but I do have a couple fish. In the winter/spring I’m mostly going after the trout in either the stock trout pond near campus, or going out in the mountains and wading into a remote stream. It’s all a great time, and it’s not a big deal if I don’t catch anything, it’s all about the experience of going out and disconnecting from everything else and just focusing on nature and all it has to offer.

Probably the best thing I’ve done to make college bearable is join the rugby team here at UMW. Because I’m a commuter, it’s difficult to find a reason to stay on campus and socialize. Sure there’s a few things that is put on by the CPB, but that’s few and far between. With rugby, there is always something going on and responsibilities that make me contribute. I get to know about 35 more people and have a great time playing the game. The pictures I posted are from this team’s Ireland Tour during spring break. It was definitely a great time overall, even though it was always raining.

This assignment was a simple concept. Creating a video with pictures is a lot easier than it is using actual video clips. However, iMovie decided it knew better than me and chose seemingly random spots to zoom in or out of during the movie. It fought me a little bit because of that, and I had to go through every single photo I used to make sure it didn’t zoom out or in and leave out important things. The song I chose to use was Ryan Hemsworth – Empty Thoughts Over a Shallow Ocean. I chose this because I ended up seeing him right before my first year of college and listened to a lot of his stuff since then.