I Couldn’t Fall Harder



Nicole! That’s how it all started. A simple message was all it took for them to meetup one weekday in early February. By this point they have only messaged each other, both anxious to meet for the first time and no idea how their first date will go down. “Hey”, they both said when they met. Quiet at first, they both started to get comfortable around each other and start to learn a little more about the other. When they reached downtown they didn’t really know what to do, after all neither of them expected to get this far anyways. He suggested that they go to a corner store and get milkshakes. Frozen desserts in the winter? What was he thinking? Small talk ranges wildly from topic to topic. She’s a cat person, while he’s a dog person. They reach the bottom of their drinks and it’s coming to an end. Walking back neither of them wanted it to end. They walk by her dorm and she doesn’t leave. In fact, neither did either of them. They managed to walk across all of campus and reach his car at the parking garage while talking, smiling, and laughing all the way there. They get in the car, a clean white 80’s sports car. Finding songs that someone may like is difficult, let alone if you just met. Taking a shot in the dark he chose an album to play. The first song they listened to together was Father John Misty’s When You’re Smiling and Astride MeNot knowing where to go he just started driving to a pond nearby. There they hung out and he mostly talked about fishing and how cool it is and why it isn’t boring.  I guess they weren’t boring together and for just about a year now they still ride around in that 80’s sports car, hangout by the pond, and go get milkshakes in the winter. Based on a true story.

That is the background of this photo. This was taken before we went to go see Key and Peele save a cool cat named Keanu. Coincidentally we drove that same white 300zx and I remember almost running out gas on the way to the movie theater.  I also exposed her to one of my favorite songs which also turns out she likes a lot too, Skylar Spence – Fall Harder.  This was a pretty nice assignment and helped me remember a fun time I had and just how far we have come.

House of The Rising Sun

This assignment called for creating my own Game of Thrones banner. That includes family name, symbol, and a house quote. Creating a house name was quite simple as my spy’s name is Robert’s.

I chose the quote to be “House of the rising sun” for two reasons. One being that it matches the symbol I chose, and the other being that it is shrouded in mystery. The symbol is the closest I could get to replicating the Japanese rising sun, the same symbol used by the Japanese Navy in 1889 and still used to this day as a symbol of tradition and good fortune.

But why is the house of the rising sun so mysterious? Everyone has heard the song sung by the 60’s British rock group The Animals so we know where it came from. However the story goes deeper from there. Before The Animals the song was a traditional blues song where the earliest known recording dates back to 1933. This not the first time the song was mentioned either, as some believe it dates all the way back to the 17th century from England. The origin is unknown and so is what the song sings about. No one knows where the house was real, or if it is figurative.

This ties into the spy life quite well. A family, or even a person, with an unknown background, no proof of where they came from, no whereabouts and very little total knowledge of them. All we know about Roberts is that he exists, past that it is anyone’s guess. Every spy also needs a little bit of good fortune.

No One Likes Comic Sans

Comic Sans is probably the most hated font out there that is actually used regularly. However, it is always being used inappropriately and it just doesn’t look right to most people. For this assignment, I changed the font of “Google” to Comic Sans to show how much of a difference it makes. Here it is.

Oh my goodness it is hideous. Physically repulsive, it makes my eyes burn. But why does it do this? How could a logo so clean, so simple, and elegant be turned into an awful form of visual torture that was considered too harsh to be used at Gitmo?

Look at how the letter “e” is written. That bar should be horizontal. If you were writing on lined paper it should be parallel with the lines. Comic Sans has that “e” on an angle to get ready to launch itself across the ocean. The letters are uneven, and where the letter strokes come together it is heavier than normal. The fit between letters is poor, as it shows on the lowercase “g” you can see how on what should be a straight shot down, turns into a wet noodle next to the straight “l”.

This change in font turns a serious, clean, and efficient logo into something playful, not serious. uninteresting, and unimportant. Would you trust anything written in Comic Sans? Exactly, it changes the whole perception of what it was. The logo now looks as if it belongs inside of a Fisher Price toddler playhouse.

Comic Sans is a product of its environment. First created in 1995, anyone that had a windows computer had access to it. During this digital revolution, everyone started to become more comfortable creating documents and also printing became a lot more prevalent. Many people, new to this environment, wanted a fun and interesting font to use. So they end up using Comic Sans for that birthday invitation card they were making, forcing everyone and everything to succumb to the epidemic.

This has been a public service announcement to never use Comic Sans.

Jesus Christ It’s Jason Bourne


I’m going to let you into a little secret and tell you that that is not Jason Bourne. That is in fact Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible saying a line from True Lies said by Schwarzenegger with Jason Bourne being credited.

It is very difficult to try and not use the easiest spy names however I did break down and use Jason Bourne. I first started with a picture as my base. I had to use one that could be used for a variety of spies to help make the next steps easier. Thankfully Tom Cruise is wearing glasses and you can’t really make out his face so it helps keep him anonymous.

True Lies is very good movie and some pretty good quotes. I originally almost used,

” Helen Tasker: Have you ever killed anyone?

Harry: Yeah, but they were all bad.”

It little hard to fit two characters into this scene as there is only one riding a motorcycle away from an explosion so I settled with, “First I’m going to use you as a human shield. Then I’m going to kill this guard over here with the Patterson trocar on the table. And then I was thinking about breaking your neck.”

Jason Bourne is just my favorite spy, except the newish movie with fake Bourne, so I had no choice other than choosing him. I also came up with this blog post’s title so my hands were pretty much tied.


Wanted For Doing Secret Things

A wanted poster for the greatest spy in the world has just started to circulate and I’m posting it here to help get the word out. Here it is, his name is Cyril Figgus and he is the head of The Figgus Agency.  He is the most ruthless spy in the west. He has killed many Russian citizens, was a leader in a cocaine smuggling cartel all throughout South America.

The Poster

The poster was made using this website here. This website made everything streamlined and easy to follow. There are only a couple themes to choose from, one being western and the other called tech. I used the tech theme because it best fits the description of this course.

The Idea

Besides James Bond, Archer is a clear choice to use for a spy agency. Spy Kids was also a close contender but I didn’t feel quite comfortable with that movie. Before anyone points out the fact that the image is of Sterling Archer and not of Cyril, thanks for looking at this post and watching this TV show.  Archer is my favorite spy TV show and is up my alley with it’s sense of humor.   Throughout all the seasons Archer has always been hunted by the Russians and their cyborg spy Barry.

The Process

The process is pretty much listed in the poster section. All you need to do is choose a photo, resize the photo and or lower the quality so it meets the size limitations, choose a theme and think of some captions.  The phone number is fake. Pro tip: any number with 555 is fake and if you pay attention in movies 555 numbers are always used in dialogue.