No One Likes Comic Sans

Comic Sans is probably the most hated font out there that is actually used regularly. However, it is always being used inappropriately and it just doesn’t look right to most people. For this assignment, I changed the font of “Google” to Comic Sans to show how much of a difference it makes. Here it is.

Oh my goodness it is hideous. Physically repulsive, it makes my eyes burn. But why does it do this? How could a logo so clean, so simple, and elegant be turned into an awful form of visual torture that was considered too harsh to be used at Gitmo?

Look at how the letter “e” is written. That bar should be horizontal. If you were writing on lined paper it should be parallel with the lines. Comic Sans has that “e” on an angle to get ready to launch itself across the ocean. The letters are uneven, and where the letter strokes come together it is heavier than normal. The fit between letters is poor, as it shows on the lowercase “g” you can see how on what should be a straight shot down, turns into a wet noodle next to the straight “l”.

This change in font turns a serious, clean, and efficient logo into something playful, not serious. uninteresting, and unimportant. Would you trust anything written in Comic Sans? Exactly, it changes the whole perception of what it was. The logo now looks as if it belongs inside of a Fisher Price toddler playhouse.

Comic Sans is a product of its environment. First created in 1995, anyone that had a windows computer had access to it. During this digital revolution, everyone started to become more comfortable creating documents and also printing became a lot more prevalent. Many people, new to this environment, wanted a fun and interesting font to use. So they end up using Comic Sans for that birthday invitation card they were making, forcing everyone and everything to succumb to the epidemic.

This has been a public service announcement to never use Comic Sans.