This is The End

The end is here and I can’t believe I made it through. I tried to have fun with this project by making a short film with my character Agent Roberts.

Project Inspiration

It is not often that I have the opportunity to make a video, so I decided to really geek out and take what I learned from the class regarding setting up a scene and the overall shot. Having a budget of exactly $0 and a little less than a week to get this project shot, edited, and published, the story line would have to be pretty simple.

It starts with Agent Roberts going about his normal day, entering the library and taking a seat at his usual cubicle. He is contacted by another secret agent and is told to check the headlines of newspaper. The article reads about how there were Russian sleeper agents inserted into the UMW campus. After having read the article, he arranges a meeting with the contact and his boss in order to learn more information. From there are an unlikely turn of events.


I tried to make sure that no frame in this video is wasted, taking tips and ideas from the channel Every Frame a Painting that was analyzed earlier in the semester. It may be difficult to spot, but it was supposed to be subtle, is that the contact can be seen in the scenes leading up to their confrontation in the book aisle.  The contact can be seen at 0:06, 0:17, and 0:24 second marks. I wanted the audience to actually see the contact stalk the agent, no matter how subtle it may be. This is also a form of dramatic irony, where the agent is not paying attention and doesn’t realise he is being stalked, yet the audience can see it. This also helps add to the tension and secrecy of the film.

There is no music for the film because it distract from the seriousness. The beginning is purposefully bland and quiet because that is his everyday routine, no one has theme music playing for their daily routine so why should this part? It would also take away the ambience of being in a library since libraries are supposed to be silent.

The website that the agent looks at was created by using X-Ray goggles. However the finished product did not want to publish, so here is a screenshot instead.

The final scene of the meeting was purposefully chosen at a park. So many meetings in spy movies are in public parks it should be its own stereotype. It happens so often it was featured in the most recent Bourne ending, seen here

and even in real life in the movie Breach, based on the true story of Robert Hansen, where he made dead drops to his soviet handlers at parks in Northern VA.

The final phrase pays homage to the popular comic seen below. It is also a commentary on this course, since after all it is an online course theoretically anyone could be on the other end of the computer. And why would the dog not be able to be his boss? After all a dog was voted mayor in Minnesota.


This final project allowed me to spread my wings and create a video that I actually enjoyed making. I always watch movies and see the parts and scenes I like, and then think that I can do it just as the professionals.

Next Semester Advice

Here is the assignment about advice for next semester’s students


Final Project Outline

This is an outline of what my final project will be and a direction that I will take it. For this assignment I will be using item 1 and item 2.  The overall format of this project will be a video, and throughout a video the agent (me) finds different pieces and clues from media to find the double agent.

Video Outline

  • The agent is minding his own business in the library and begins to find strange abnormalities.
  • He goes to the bathroom and finds writing a note left for him that tells him that there is something important that needs to be told, but in private.
  • He then meets with another agent that tells him to search something online.
  • Using the xray goggles, a news site is changed to show an article on espionage and how it is increasing.
  • He then stumbles up more randomly dropped notes, and a usb drive with audio files on it saying that there is a meeting with the double agent and the boss
  • He then confronts the perpetrators.

Outline is still subject to change

This assignment would be using video, audio, and web. Video is quite obvious with how it is being used. Audio is both being used by trying to capture quality audio while filming, and creating the audio track that the agent uses. The web is being tied in by using x-ray goggles to edit the webpage and finding other clues.


The only thing there was to do this week was the twitter poll and that post is here.


End of Week 12

Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Didn’t realize that so far I have made over 70 posts on this blog. Here are the posts from this week that contributed to that number.

Daily Creates

Mash Up Assignments

The weeks are coming to an end faster and faster, making it seem like all this work just piles up and comes out of nowhere. This is also crunch time for the all the classes so it is getting pretty hectic out there in the real world. It’s strange, but these assignments forced me to actually look up a few things online on how to use GIMP, and what some of the different features are. Some things in GIMP aren’t really intuitive, such as figuring out how to use layers. Whenever I need to Google something that’s a good sign, that means I’m learning.

Week Big One One

Week eleven is done and over quicker than I realized. Nearing the end of the semester and I can almost taste it.

Here are my Daily Creates.

Posted Here are the 12 Stars of Assignments

And A New Mission

This week didn’t offer much of a challenge by adding anything new. What it did add however was a challenge of trying to focus more on a  target theme and story. Trying to give the audience a focal point on which to fixate themselves and to use the story telling through my voice, and through camera work. For these assignments I did my own version of content creators that I watch all the time. I always wondered, how hard could it be? Well, turns out it takes a lot of time to get it just right.


End of Week 10

This concludes week 10, full of videos and video editing.

My two Daily creates are right here below.


This week I chose to do 10 Stars worth of video assignments.

The Other Assignments

This week showed that there was something worse than audio editing, and it’s called video editing. There’s twice as much work which makes it twice as time consuming. Even capturing the perfect moment is difficult. It definitely gives makes me better respect directors that create quality videos and movies.

Summary Week 9

This week was pretty good and straight forward. The web assignments are pretty fun and include some new tools and techniques I haven’t used before. This is the first time I’ve used the X-ray Goggles tool to mess with HTML and webpages. Other than that this week was pretty simple and wasn’t too challenging, just a little time consuming trying to be creative.

This week’s daily creates:

The Daily Create Story here.

The Assignments:

What Kind of Spy are You? – 4 Stars

Open Sources – 4 Stars

Other Assignments:

Radio listen

Web Story Telling



Week 7, A day Early

This week finale post came a little bit early because I am leaving for a study abroad trip over spring break. This week definitely felt very rushed. So many assignments due at the end of the week needed to be finished by mid week, it was torture. But here I am and I made it.

Here are my TDC’s of this week

Here the Assignments for this week:

Overall this week was definitely more rushed. I tried not have a loss of quality but there are a lot of assignments that take precedence with earlier due dates and midterms piling up this week. That was the hardest aspect, not the assignments themselves.

Downed a 6 Pack of Weeks

This week has gone by quick. Nothing too crazy to complain about this week. The Vignelli read was interesting, and the assignments helped me learn about a few more tools, and figure out a couple tips and tricks.  Still need to get my time management down.


Here are this week’s Twitter Daily Creates.

This Week I read Vignelli’s Canon, and you can read my thoughts on it here

The Assignments this week weren’t too bad or too difficult. This week for 10 Stars I did:

I also took part in another design blitz! Here is a link to that

Now that everything is listed out, it doesn’t seem like that much.

Week Fiver

I can’t believe it’s already week five. Time flies when you’re having fun right? This week’s of activities were pretty fun. I got to explore a topic which I have been removed from for a while now that I enjoyed the first time I did and I’m glad I still do.

The assignments were pretty easy to complete and straightforward. Nothing gave me too much trouble. Honestly what gave me the most trouble was my trouble connecting to DS106 radio.  I’m realizing that as I get further into these assignments a lot them have little to no direction. This is both a blessing and a curse, as you are given free reign to be as creative as you want, but then I have no idea of knowing if what I did is reflective of the star value given.


I began the week giving my thoughts on the Moon Graffiti podcast here

Next I listened to DS106 Radio on Tuesday and gave a review of the show here

I then created a radio show bumper that I’m pretty proud of and that assignment is located over there

This week I accomplished quite a bit with the assignments. I did a total of 14 stars for the audio assignments

I then brainstormed a couple radio show ideas for the future.

Links to my Daily Create posts are here, here, and here. However it’s also easy to just link the tweets in here.





End of Week Four

This week wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In the beginning of every week when I see the assignments it always looks like so much, however they go by faster and faster, like a roll of toilet paper when you start to reach the center. It forced me to think a little more than I already do when I take photos. Some of the daily creates seem just a little weird and put me off from doing them. This one was kind of weird and didn’t really like it.

Now that I started with that I guess I have to show all of my daily creates…

The assignments that I did this week may be found below

Photo Reflection – Where I reflect about what I know about photography

Film Scene – I describe a famous film scene from Skyfall

Love at First Shot – The first time I met a special girl

Who Said What – Thats not Jason Bourne

GoT Banner – Neil Roberts gets a House in Game of Thrones

Comic Sans – I describe why Comic Sans is the worst

Photoblitz – A quick photoblitzkrieg

Well actually nevermind it does look like a lot now.