1988 Nissan Pathfinder Review

This is a review of my 1988 Nissan Pathfinder for this assignment. I really had to try and give a condensed version of this car’s story because I could probably ramble on for over 20 minutes.

One of my favorite YouTube channels to watch is Regular Car Reviews. I tried to replicate that style with slightly less humor and cultural history, and instead a little more about the car. If you’ve never seen any videos of that channel, here is one of a D21 hardbody, the truck that this Pathfinder is based off of.

If you notice, the pathfinder is practically the same, only with a permanent caba attached to it. And RCR is right, this truck is dependable. Since owning it and rescuing it from a wrecker I’ve put on almost 5000 miles, all of them dependable.  With only 165,000 miles on my pathfinder, I’m looking forward to many more.

I shot this video with my brother, as it was easier to bounce off ideas of what to film, how to set up the shot, and what angles would work best. I wanted to do a driving test along with the other parts of the video but decided it would be too long.  For this I used iMovie to stitch together the movie, and Audacity to record and edit my voice. I first strung out the video clips together in a general order in which I would talk about. I then watched the preview in iMovie while recording in Audacity, then trimming down and editing the video clips to match the appropriate scenes with the dialogue.


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