A Spy’s Favorite Meal

This assignment can be found here and it was to create a “How To” video. This video describes how to make an ever so famous grilled cheese sandwich.

I modeled my video style after one of my favorite food channels on YouTube, Binging with Babish. I don’t really have the same soothing deep voice he has or a cool apron but I do know how to make a grilled cheese. If you haven’t seen one of his videos, my favorite one where he makes food from the show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is posted below.

This video was a win win for me. I got an assignment out of the way, and at the same time got to eat it because I was pretty hungry. These sandwiches also paired nicely with a bowl of tomato soup. ┬áThis is one of Agent Robert’s favorite foods and most spies don’t give out personal details like this very often, so it’s a rare treat to see the inside of his life like this.

This movie was made with iMovie and audio was edited with Audacity, similarly to all the other videos I have made before this one.

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