Cats & Coffee

This destination postcard assignment was pretty fun to do. The hardest part is always deciding where the postcard should show. This postcard is for a cafe in London, UK. This is not just any ordinary cafe either, as there are cats that free roam the cafe. The cafe is two stories tall, and offers all the normal traditional English style tea and crumpets with you favorite kitty.

The photo is a generic cat photo with your imagination of tea or coffee with cookies. It is not representative of the cats at the cafe, however on their website you can read their biographies. On top of the card we have the title of the cafe, and in the bottom left there is the location. Because a postcard is mostly designed for the city and the country in which it is in, I followed convention and did not include the actual address of the cafe.

For this assignment I decided to use Canva. I have never heard of it before and this was my first time using it. Canva was designed to be the easiest and most simplistic image editing tool that requires no learning curve. I believe that they definitely succeeded in that as it was very easy to use. Everything from choosing a design, template, uploading an image, and then downloading the finished version was painless and streamlined.

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