End of Week Four

This week wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In the beginning of every week when I see the assignments it always looks like so much, however they go by faster and faster, like a roll of toilet paper when you start to reach the center. It forced me to think a little more than I already do when I take photos. Some of the daily creates seem just a little weird and put me off from doing them. This one was kind of weird and didn’t really like it.

Now that I started with that I guess I have to show all of my daily creates…

The assignments that I did this week may be found below

Photo Reflection – Where I reflect about what I know about photography

Film Scene – I describe a famous film scene from Skyfall

Love at First Shot – The first time I met a special girl

Who Said What – Thats not Jason Bourne

GoT Banner – Neil Roberts gets a House in Game of Thrones

Comic Sans – I describe why Comic Sans is the worst

Photoblitz – A quick photoblitzkrieg

Well actually nevermind it does look like a lot now.

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  1. I definitely agree with you here. Every Friday I look at the week’s assignments and stress out a little too much but they (usually) go by so fast! I think it helps we get some choice in the assignments we do. I also agree the daily creates were strange. I had a hard time coming up with things to do for a lot of them.

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