Favorite Song Guess

For this assignment I was to remove the lyrics from one of my favorite songs and upload it to soundcloud so other DS106 students may guess the song. Only the first 30 seconds of the song were to be used.  Warning! Song spoiler at end of post.

Favorite Song Guess

This isn’t necessarily my all time favorite song, however during the summer you can bet your buns that I’m listening to this in the summer, cruising with the windows down listening to southern rock (hint) in my 4×4. A friend had gotten me into the genre a few years ago and I’ve been hooked since. Weirdly enough, I love this kind of music, anything from southern rock to indie folk but I just can’t get into country, especially modern pop country.

It is quite difficult to get all the voice and lyrics out of a song. The best way would just to start from an instrumental version, however that seemed like cheating. Audacity has a two built in functions to remove voice and decided to try and use them. I first tried to use both of them together because obviously more is better and it practically removed all the audio. I then just decided to use one and mess around with the volumes to make it sound better. There is still some residual vocals in the background but I’m not a sound engineer or an audiophile so it passed my litmus test.

Song is Heard it in a love song – Marshall Tucker Band


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