Final Project Outline

This is an outline of what my final project will be and a direction that I will take it. For this assignment I will be using item 1 and item 2.  The overall format of this project will be a video, and throughout a video the agent (me) finds different pieces and clues from media to find the double agent.

Video Outline

  • The agent is minding his own business in the library and begins to find strange abnormalities.
  • He goes to the bathroom and finds writing a note left for him that tells him that there is something important that needs to be told, but in private.
  • He then meets with another agent that tells him to search something online.
  • Using the xray goggles, a news site is changed to show an article on espionage and how it is increasing.
  • He then stumbles up more randomly dropped notes, and a usb drive with audio files on it saying that there is a meeting with the double agent and the boss
  • He then confronts the perpetrators.

Outline is still subject to change

This assignment would be using video, audio, and web. Video is quite obvious with how it is being used. Audio is both being used by trying to capture quality audio while filming, and creating the audio track that the agent uses. The web is being tied in by using x-ray goggles to edit the webpage and finding other clues.


The only thing there was to do this week was the twitter poll and that post is here.


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