Head in the Clouds

James Bond could do anything and still look good while doing it. Here he is doing just that, driving an undeniably beautiful piece of British artwork and machinery, an Aston Martin DB5, in the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish highlands.

This scene is a classic, one that is famous and easily distinguishable as coming from Skyfall. All the elements in this photo synchronize together perfectly and create this aura of aspiration and passion that James Bond is known for. He can be seen standing, in a power stance, with his Aston Martin front and center. Although he is quite small in the photo, the focus is not on him. This photo is a great depiction of what the saying “big picture” means. Yes this photo is about Bond, but “big picture”, you see it so much moreĀ and and even though he has made such a large impact throughout the movie he is small.

Many movie shots are almost directly over the character’s shoulder and hovering above them. Here is it different. The audience is so far removed from Bond that it is believable that you yourself is standing there and witnessing it for yourself. There is no “secret” you are being let in on even though you are in the audience and it is a 3rd person perspective. You are standing there in the cold, dark, landscape just as he is. The cloudy mountains are a great metaphor for what we know of his thoughts. Everything is clouded and difficult to see. Only when we are down to earth is there a clearing through the clouds.

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  1. Awesome post. I have yet to see Spectre, but I love the Craig Bond films, especially Skyfall. One of the things that I liked about it was the amazing cinematography. I distinctly remember this shot, actually. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland, and the big, sweeping wide-angle shots like this only reaffirmed it. Taking Bond out of the city, where he seems to have a bigger and more significant presence, and dropping him in a place with such a huge scale that’s all but inhospitable really gave the film, and shots like this, some gravitas.

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