House of The Rising Sun

This assignment called for creating my own Game of Thrones banner. That includes family name, symbol, and a house quote. Creating a house name was quite simple as my spy’s name is Robert’s.

I chose the quote to be “House of the rising sun” for two reasons. One being that it matches the symbol I chose, and the other being that it is shrouded in mystery. The┬ásymbol is the closest I could get to replicating the Japanese rising sun, the same symbol used by the Japanese Navy in 1889 and still used to this day as a symbol of tradition and good fortune.

But why is the house of the rising sun so mysterious? Everyone has heard the song sung by the 60’s British rock group The Animals so we know where it came from. However the story goes deeper from there. Before The Animals the song was a traditional blues song where the earliest known recording dates back to 1933. This not the first time the song was mentioned either, as some believe it dates all the way back to the 17th century from England. The origin is unknown and so is what the song sings about. No one knows where the house was real, or if it is figurative.

This ties into the spy life quite well. A family, or even a person, with an unknown background, no proof of where they came from, no whereabouts and very little total knowledge of them. All we know about Roberts is that he exists, past that it is anyone’s guess. Every spy also needs a little bit of good fortune.

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