How To Tutorial

This is tutorial on how to make a product review. Here is my original product review.

This assignment may seem a little difficult if you think you need to do everything with one take and talk in front of the camera. Good news! You don’t have to. This assignment can be broken down into two parts, the Video, and the Audio.


What You need:

  • A plan of what you are going to say, and what features you need to showcase
  • An idea of how long the dialogue would be
  • An eye for design and filming, rule of thirds still applies here

Make sure to capture more video than you think you may need, you never know how much “filler” you may need.

You need to then stitch together the clips you now have into an order that makes sense in a movie making software of your choice.


What You Need:

  • The video clips put into a general order
  • A script
  • Voice capturing and editing software

This part is easy, just watch the video at the same time you read the script. At this point nothing should be perfectly edited. If you record in audacity, take the time to edit out the unnatural pauses and “uhhhs” from the recording.


Now it is time to edit.

This is the home stretch and all you need to do.

  1. Import your recording into your movie making software.
  2. Edit your clips to follow your narration

It is ok if you need to split your recording to allow for more film space where you don’t have any commentary.

And like that you’re done!

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