I Couldn’t Fall Harder



Nicole! That’s how it all started. A simple message was all it took for them to meetup one weekday in early February. By this point they have only messaged each other, both anxious to meet for the first time and no idea how their first date will go down. “Hey”, they both said when they met. Quiet at first, they both started to get comfortable around each other and start to learn a little more about the other. When they reached downtown they didn’t really know what to do, after all neither of them expected to get this far anyways. He suggested that they go to a corner store and get milkshakes. Frozen desserts in the winter? What was he thinking? Small talk ranges wildly from topic to topic. She’s a cat person, while he’s a dog person. They reach the bottom of their drinks and it’s coming to an end. Walking back neither of them wanted it to end. They walk by her dorm and she doesn’t leave. In fact, neither did either of them. They managed to walk across all of campus and reach his car at the parking garage while talking, smiling, and laughing all the way there. They get in the car, a clean white 80’s sports car. Finding songs that someone may like is difficult, let alone if you just met. Taking a shot in the dark he chose an album to play. The first song they listened to together was Father John Misty’s When You’re Smiling and Astride MeNot knowing where to go he just started driving to a pond nearby. There they hung out and he mostly talked about fishing and how cool it is and why it isn’t boring.  I guess they weren’t boring together and for just about a year now they still ride around in that 80’s sports car, hangout by the pond, and go get milkshakes in the winter. Based on a true story.

That is the background of this photo. This was taken before we went to go see Key and Peele save a cool cat named Keanu. Coincidentally we drove that same white 300zx and I remember almost running out gas on the way to the movie theater.  I also exposed her to one of my favorite songs which also turns out she likes a lot too, Skylar Spence – Fall Harder.  This was a pretty nice assignment and helped me remember a fun time I had and just how far we have come.

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