“Insert Quote Here”

This assignment was to create our own contradiction creation. The directions were to have a background and a quote that differ in meaning.

Lets go where the wifi is weak

Here is my creation. Today everyone lives off of their phone and mobile devices. These people treat their devices like life support, withering away into non existence when the plug is pulled. In the background is a photo of Tokyo, a city driven by technology, performance, and innovation. The slogan above is often found on outdoorsy tumblr posts about exploration and going outside. These people are found in the ‘wild’ their Eno, hanging from trees all along campus, and drive a Jeep because it’s rugged and utilitarian, believing it can take them anywhere. As long as anywhere is to their local Starbucks and strip mall parking lot. In this photo, two worlds collide. A life in the city, where the connection between each device is parasitic to each person connected, and the adventurous and outdoorsy crowd, going on hikes and adventures but still somehow live tweeting every step up the mountain.

Canva is my new favorite tool. Everything it offers is so simple, so easy, my dog could probably learn how to work it (she’s pretty smart). ┬áThere wasn’t much to do other than finding a photo and quote and using the header tool to insert text. White was the easiest and most visible color choice for text.

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