My College Snapshot

The assignment that I chose was to do was a college snapshot. For this assignment I was to chose some photos that highlighted my college career so far, and are sort of interesting. I obviously took more photos than the amount that are there in video, but I had to narrow them down somehow.

The thumbnail is a picture from a freshman year bonfire that UMW held. They also gave out free flowers so I might as well grab one right? It was a great time to meet new people in an unfamiliar place.

One of my favorite pastimes is fishing. I don’t have any pictures of monster bass that I’ve caught, but I do have a couple fish. In the winter/spring I’m mostly going after the trout in either the stock trout pond near campus, or going out in the mountains and wading into a remote stream. It’s all a great time, and it’s not a big deal if I don’t catch anything, it’s all about the experience of going out and disconnecting from everything else and just focusing on nature and all it has to offer.

Probably the best thing I’ve done to make college bearable is join the rugby team here at UMW.¬†Because I’m a commuter, it’s difficult to find a reason to stay on campus and socialize. Sure there’s a few things that is put on by the CPB, but that’s few and far between. With rugby, there is always something going on and responsibilities that make me contribute. I get to know about 35 more people and have a great time playing the game. The pictures I posted are from this team’s Ireland Tour during spring break. It was definitely a great time overall, even though it was always raining.

This assignment was a simple concept. Creating a video with pictures is a lot easier than it is using actual video clips. However, iMovie decided it knew better than me and chose seemingly random spots to zoom in or out of during the movie. It fought me a little bit because of that, and I had to go through every single photo I used to make sure it didn’t zoom out or in and leave out important things. The song I chose to use was Ryan Hemsworth –¬†Empty Thoughts Over a Shallow Ocean. I chose this because I ended up seeing him right before my first year of college and listened to a lot of his stuff since then.


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