Myself as an Early Photographer

Coming into this class I have some basic knowledge of what photography is and how to take photos. Basic ideas and concepts such as the rule of 3rds, shutter speed, lighting, contrast, and depth I have looked into. For me, taking photos isn’t just point and shoot anymore. I have to have the correct lighting and scene in order to take the picture.

I currently take the most photos of my dogs. They are a lot of fun to take pictures of but are also very hard to deal with as they are a handful. They either are too stubborn, too lazy, or too energetic to sit still and pose for that perfect moment.  When it does work the photo comes out great.

I am not saying that I’m the greatest dog photographer out there, but there is always more room to get better.  My current photos I think are passable, they work pretty well for what they are meant for which is to just post to instagram and twitter. I could step it up and fine tune the camera for the f stop, iso, and shutter speed but most photos that I take I won’t have that much time to set up a camera and have the dogs sit still.

I don’t try to capture any emotion or meaning in my photos. They aren’t art pieces, but memories. If I really wanted to capture a feeling it would be the feeling of the dog’s soft coat and wet tongue licking you through the picture.

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  1. First off your dog is adorable. Pets and animals tend to be a subject people feel comfortable photographing because it is fun and even blurry results tend to be cute. I know I have tons of blurry photos of my own dog.

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