Open Sources

This assignment was pretty cool. As a CS major, I end up downloading a lot of neat things for classes, or someone in a class mentions something that is open source that I should get.

How many open source programs do I currently have?

Currently on my computer I have Firefox, R, Paintbrush, GIMP, Audacity, VLC, Pandas, and Numpy.  There may be a few other I had used before such as Ubuntu, but that is a separate operating system.

How many commercial software programs could be replaced with free and open source alternatives?

I am a very cheap person, and am willing to always go out of my way to save a few dimes. This includes not having to pay for software such as Adobe Photoshop. I had originally used photoshop during a free 30 day trial, but that expired long ago. I currently use GIMP, one of the open source pieces of software that I currently listed. So I currently don’t have any programs that can be switched because they’re all already free.

What media are you using that compromises your personal data, count the programs and devices?

There is a simple flowchart to follow to see if your information is being followed. Was the program free? –> Yes —-> You’re info is being sold. Facebook is probably the worst offender. I use a facebook just to keep track of things going on with the rugby team and even then it’s invasive. Zuckerberg himself said that people are dumb for giving him all their information for free, which he just then turns around and sells. This is the same for apple and google. Just remember, if the product is free, you’re the product.



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