Project MKOinktra

I decided to tune in to DS106 Radio on Tuesday and hear what all the fuss is about. Initially I had problems connecting to the radio station using Google Chrome. This tweet was my call for help while I experienced desperation.

Eventually I was able to get it to work with FireFox. This was just the beginning of technical difficulties of the night. ┬áNext we began to listen to the story, I had missed the title of it because of my connectivity problems, however it was about a scientist conducting experiments on pigs and attempting to read their minds. I forgot if they mentioned an actual title of their experiments but they missed out by not calling it Project MKOinktra, a reference to the CIA’s mind control program called MKUltra.

What bothered me most during the show was that EVERY time something was about to happen the music changed. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but it was so basic and predictable that it was honestly kind of boring.

Part two of technical difficulties.

The reporter’s voice acting wasn’t really that good and missed out on a lot of the emotion. It was difficult to feel the true emotion in it and I just felt disconnected from the scene.

I would rate this podcast a solid B to B+. It was pretty well written and voice acting towards the end left some to be desired. I had trouble feeling completely connected during some parts but when all the pieces and parts moved together smoothly it worked well and was enjoyable.


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