Radio Bumper Cars

This assignment was to get a basic feeling for how audacity works and just get a general idea of what tools it has to offer. I already have experience with audacity from using it in other classes so it wasn’t that hard to get back into. I have also experimented with other music production software such as FL Studio and Ableton so I have some experience importing, editing, cutting, and manipulating songs and sounds. The hardest part was to source a song and then to record myself saying something and hoping it sounded alright.

The song used is Blank Banshee – B: Start Up, a vaporwave song that samples the Windows 98 startup tune that is then layered with a trap beat and stretched in a true vaporwave aesthetic. I recorded myself using just the QuickTime audio recording tool that comes with my mac. It was easier use it and then import the audio file rather than trying to learn how to record on Audacity.

With how the song progresses and naturally dies off, I decided to start it at full volume and then use the Fade Out effect about halfway through the song. When the song volume reaches a point that the recorded audio volume is higher, only then does my message play, letting the song taper off quietly and quickly right after I finish me message. This I felt was the most natural way to fade the song in and out without having the message drowned out by the song.

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  1. Alright I wont lie this is awesome. The beat and the windows startup sound is perfect. I think you hit this one out of the park!

    1. The song used is Blank Banshee – B:/ Start Up. I used Ableton when I had the free trial to mess around but since it expired I’m too poor to actually buy it.

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