Radio Web of Ideas

Twenty to thirty minutes seems like such a long time. The key I believe is that if we have a topic(s) that we truly enjoy then we will have no trouble hitting that time.

Some ideas that I came up with are:

  • Which Bond was best Bond?
  • Spy gadgets, those that worked and then those not so much
  • Crazy CIA or a foreign intelligence agency’s crazy (un)successful missions or projects
  • How accurate do we think spies are portrayed in the movies compared to real life
  • Thoughts and ideas on the NSA and its overreaching spy programs on US citizens and foreign countries

Several of these are just fun thoughts and opinions while the last point is a relatively current and important topic that needs to be touched on. I believe these talking points should give more than 20 minutes of dialogue for a radio show.

2 Replies to “Radio Web of Ideas”

  1. These are all good ideas. The trick, I think, is to figure out how you can use sound to bring the show to life. You would want it to be more than just dialogue. It is definitely doable, but it would take some thought and planning.

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