Real Fake Doors Ad

For this assignment I was to make a fictional radio ad for a fake company or imaginary business. My ad is for the company “Real Fake Doors” that sells real fake doors, doors that won’t open. This is not my original idea, but my ad is a take of the original one from Rick and Morty S1E8. To get an idea of the original, here is a clip of it from the show.

I had decided to do a spin off of this ad because Rick and Morty is one my favorite (and most hyped) shows to watch. A lot of the dialogue is improve. I am nowhere as good as the professionals so I needed to sit down for a little bit and think up of some catchphrases and a direction I wanted the ad to go.

And here is my Ad

This was a pretty straightforward assignment. Using audacity and its tools was easy. The hard part was writing a script and create a natural flow throughout the ad. It was made even more difficult because my fake voice isn’t that convincing and wasn’t natural for me to do. It wasn’t too difficult, but it did take some time. Unlike most assignments this one was actually pretty fun to do.

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  1. I like the way you took something you enjoyed in other media and made it your own. Your audio also reminded me of a car seller ad which I’m sure you did on purpose, it was a nice touch.

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