Reverse Reverse!

I did the Reverse Audio Quiz and now your job as the reader is to try and guess the song by listening to it reversed and also with the help of three hints.

My three hints are:

  1. This song is from the genre Vaporwave, so as a result it samples old 80’s music and slows it down and repeats it this video linked here is a pretty good explanation of what it is.
  2. If you search “aesthetic”, the album it comes from is one of the top hits on Google’s image search
  3. It’s title is referenced by typing into Google Translate in the video linked

This assignment was pretty simple to do. Audacity already has a reverse function so it’s pretty straightforward. I didn’t want this song to be too noticeable on what it is, but I wanted the off chance that someone has probably heard it. The song had gotten pretty popular on the internet and had made its rounds on social media, often times without the title being given. This will add a few levels of difficulty to the discovery of the song.

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