Spy Doggs

This is a post for this assignment here. This assignment ironically was like herding cats, but instead with dogs. My dogs listen pretty well, but are so hard to sit still together. Anyways, here’s the ad.

This was the best of a couple takes and the most they were able to sit still. The video is only supposed to be 45 seconds to a minute long, but for them, it’s an eternity. My main influence for this idea was knowing that animals have been used in the military and police forces for hundreds of years. All the way from Hannibal bringing elephants over the alps, Rin Tin Tin in WWI, and current day bomb and drug sniffing dogs animals are constantly being used in today’s militaries and police forces. And who’s to say some spy agency hasn’t used a dog before?  It’s not like they could tell you anyways.

Just like all my other videos I used iMovie to put this together. I didn’t voice over like the others because the directions stated it had to be live which made it harder to stifle the giggles after Klaus gets up and tries to walk away.

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