Voicemail In Need

This assignment was to create a voicemail for a movie or tv show character. My first thought was Archer’s famous prank voicemails that he has recorded but I just can’t impersonate his voice. I needed to include my spy character for one of the assignments and decided that if Archer could do it, so could Agent Roberts. There was no direction on whether or not I should be leaving the voicemail, or create the answering machine message so Agent Roberts is leaving a voicemail.

Because Roberts spends so much time out in the field doing secret missions, there is bound to be a time when he needs help and there is no one else on the line. I thought it would be funny if Roberts sounded very nonchalant throughout the whole ordeal, even sounding bored. All of this calm even though you can hear his gunshots, a machine gun, and a helicopter chasing him down in the background.  I think this is representative of most movie secret agents, you see them doing all these really crazy stunts such as fighting on top of a moving train, and it all just seems like it’s a normal everyday encounter.

All sounds were sourced from freesound.org.

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