Wanted For Doing Secret Things

A wanted poster for the greatest spy in the world has just started to circulate and I’m posting it here to help get the word out. Here it is, his name is Cyril Figgus and he is the head of The Figgus Agency.  He is the most ruthless spy in the west. He has killed many Russian citizens, was a leader in a cocaine smuggling cartel all throughout South America.

The Poster

The poster was made using this website here. This website made everything streamlined and easy to follow. There are only a couple themes to choose from, one being western and the other called tech. I used the tech theme because it best fits the description of this course.

The Idea

Besides James Bond, Archer is a clear choice to use for a spy agency. Spy Kids was also a close contender but I didn’t feel quite comfortable with that movie. Before anyone points out the fact that the image is of Sterling Archer and not of Cyril, thanks for looking at this post and watching this TV show.  Archer is my favorite spy TV show and is up my alley with it’s sense of humor.   Throughout all the seasons Archer has always been hunted by the Russians and their cyborg spy Barry.

The Process

The process is pretty much listed in the poster section. All you need to do is choose a photo, resize the photo and or lower the quality so it meets the size limitations, choose a theme and think of some captions.  The phone number is fake. Pro tip: any number with 555 is fake and if you pay attention in movies 555 numbers are always used in dialogue.

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