Week Fiver

I can’t believe it’s already week five. Time flies when you’re having fun right? This week’s of activities were pretty fun. I got to explore a topic which I have been removed from for a while now that I enjoyed the first time I did and I’m glad I still do.

The assignments were pretty easy to complete and straightforward. Nothing gave me too much trouble. Honestly what gave me the most trouble was my trouble connecting to DS106 radio.  I’m realizing that as I get further into these assignments a lot them have little to no direction. This is both a blessing and a curse, as you are given free reign to be as creative as you want, but then I have no idea of knowing if what I did is reflective of the star value given.


I began the week giving my thoughts on the Moon Graffiti podcast here

Next I listened to DS106 Radio on Tuesday and gave a review of the show here

I then created a radio show bumper that I’m pretty proud of and that assignment is located over there

This week I accomplished quite a bit with the assignments. I did a total of 14 stars for the audio assignments

I then brainstormed a couple radio show ideas for the future.

Links to my Daily Create posts are here, here, and here. However it’s also easy to just link the tweets in here.





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