Week One in Review

The first week of class will always be hectic and is even worse in a class that you never truly step foot in.  This class is not like any other I’ve taken before so there will be a learning curve even though I have previously taken online courses.

So far in this first week, I have made my first tweet,

my first YouTube video which took about 9 takes to do. I never knew how hard it is for dogs to and people to interact on camera together.

I also added 5 pictures to flickr which are mostly of my dogs and cars.








I also posted for the first time on SoundCloud

Nothing in this first week was too difficult. Everything was pretty streamlined all the way from setting up accounts to using wordpress. WordPress is pretty easy to use and surprises me how anyone could really find it difficult. I’m sure there is more technical things you can do with it but just posting text and embedding media is pretty self explanatory.

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