Week Two Down the Drain

Another week down and boy was there some work to do. Installing more things, doing more assignments, doing daily creates really start to take a toll towards the end of the week.  But I survived so that alright.

Week Two Art

This week I made some pretty interesting art pieces. Here are some of my featured pieces from my daily creates.

I need to stop looking at daily assignments like this as a chore but instead an opportunity to have fun and be creative.  That’s probably my the hardest part of a daily assignment like this.

The Assignments

For my three assignments I chose to make a buzzfeed quiz, a wanted poster, and a scene poster. With so many choices of topics and probably thousands of different assignments to choose from the it was really difficult for me to find something.  This much freedom is sometimes hard to handle and will probably take some time to get used to.

Here is a link to my Scene Poster

Here is my BuzzFeed quiz

And finally comes my wanted poster

Create An Assignment

For my creation I was given the web category. I decided to use Google’s quick draw neural net guessing game as an assignment. This may sound super easy, however drawing with a track pad under a time constraint is quite difficult and even Google wasn’t smart enough to figure out some of my drawings.  At the end of the assignment you should share your drawings for everyone on twitter to see and or make fun of your poor trackpad drawing skills.

The assignment can be found here and this is my best attempt.



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