What Kind of Spy are You?

This assignment was pretty fun. I had done something similar before but this one is now connected to the spy theme. This one predicts what sort of spy you are, either a badass or a weird one. The badass being more like Jason Bourne and the weird one is equal to Johnny English.  The quiz may be found here.

The more and more I do this stuff I’m surprised with how difficult it is to come up with some quality questions and answers. On the surface it seems very easy and straightforward. Just ask some questions right? Well since it is going on Buzzfeed the questions need to have some sort of fun factor, plus the answer choices can’t be boring either. But with enough head scratching I eventually figured something out.

The layout is pretty easy to follow and has directions each step of the way. The hardest part is being creative and to me that doesn’t really come naturally.

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