Where My Shoes Take Me

This assignment was to create a video which shows where my shoes take me. Where do they take me? Watch this and find out!

This video tries its best to follow me throughout my day. Of course it is not 100% accurate, otherwise it would have been 24 hours long. The video starts with me getting out of bed, putting on pants, socks, and the main actor, my shoes. I walk throughout campus, into buildings that I have class, chill out on a lawn chair, go to the library, make a quick pit stop to the bathroom, and finally make my way back to my room.

I tried to add a little bit of situational humor to the video. There’s not much excitement in watching two feet move around for 4 minutes, so I added the stop to me going to the bathroom. It seems kind of simple, but I think it’s unexpected for someone to actually film themselves in the bathroom since its normally regarded as such a private area.

I filmed this video in little bits and eventually stuck them all together in iMovie. I could get the free trial of Adobe premier and use that but I decided to keep it simple and just use what I already have. I needed an extra hand to film the early portions ¬†where I’m putting my pants, socks, and shoes on. For that I got my girlfriend to hold the camera quite literally in front of my face to film. It was made a little more difficult as I could only see through the camera screen, and not what I was actually doing.



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